Blasphemous Wiki

Acolytes and Sacrists are enemies in Blasphemous. They are skeletal men in altar server's clothes and carry processional candles.

The acolytes are seen in Mercy Dreams. They wear red cassocks and white surplices and their processional candles have multiple arms. The sacrists can be found in the Mother of Mothers and Archcathedral Rooftops. They wear masks, white cassocks, and red surplices. Their processional candles are encased in glass and have weights at the bottom.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Lunge: The enemy will make a telegraphed lunge in the direction of the Penitent One as soon as he is sighted.

The lunge is a very telegraphed attack, making it an easy target for parrying.


The Penitent One snatches the processional candle from the enemy and stabs them with it, pushing them to the ground. He stomps on the candle a few times onto the enemy, finally finishing them off.