"Our rageful voices were banished then. Now the Miracle has made them eternal."

Altasgracias is a being with a female body, very long dark hair, and three, distinct conjoined faces and voices. She is the result of three sisters who were all due to be married, but did not want to be wedded. They prayed to the Miracle for aid, and in response their hair continuously grew and enveloped them into a knotted, hairy egg: inside, the three sisters became a single fused being with a feminine body and a long mane of hair and beard that shrouded her.

It is implied that Altasgracias and Tres Angustias are connected, and it is possible that the boss symbolizes the anguish and pain of the three sisters, hence the name "three anguishes".

Altasgracias can be found at the very bottom of Grievance Ascends, in a cave where a giant egg made of dark hair is in her place. Once the items Black Grieving Veil, Torn Bridal Ribbon, and Melted Golden Coins are offered to the egg, Altasgracias will hatch from the egg and give the Penitent One the Egg of Deformity.

Upon completing the Egg of Deformity quest, Altasgracias will be gone and the Knot of Hair can be found where she was previously sitting.

Altasgracias cannot be attacked. She makes small movements such as leaning and scratching her beard.

Quest: Egg of Deformity
Item FrameItem Black Grieving Veil Black Grieving Veil

Can be found in the Desecrated Cistern.

Screenshot Location Black Grieving Veil
Item FrameItem Torn Bridal Ribbon Torn Bridal Ribbon

Sold by Candelaria for 8 800 in the Graveyard of the Peaks.

Screenshot Candelaria Shop 02
Item FrameItem Melted Golden Coins Melted Golden Coins

Found at the end of the top room above the Ceremony Room in the Grievance Ascends area.

Location Screenshot Blood Perpetuated In Sand 04
To get the egg, place the Black Grieving Veil, Torn Bridal Ribbon and the Melted Golden Coins on the plates in the cave of the bottom of Grievance Ascends in front of Altasgracias. Screenshot Location Altasgracias
Take the Egg of Deformity and put it into the tree as an offering where Perpetva is first encountered in the Mountains of the Endless Dusk. Leave the scene and return to receive the Hatched Egg of Deformity. Screenshot Location Perpetva 01
Take the Hatched Egg of Deformity to the blessing statue in the Lake of Silent Pilgrims accessed via the fountain in Albero to receive the Three Gnarled Tongues Relic.

Return to the room where the offerings were left to find Altasgracias gone, and the Knot of Hair in her place.

Achievement Icon Warm and Soft

Warm and Soft
Hatch the Egg of Altasgracias.



Give Melted Gold Coins With this gold that melts between my fingers, I reject the riches of my betrothed.
Give Torn Bridal Ribbon With this torn ribbon I reject this bond with my betrothed.
Give Black Grieving Veil With this veil I cover my face in mourning for the dead love for my betrothed.
Altasgracias First Appears Penitent One in silence, who summons my three voices. Three sisters became as one, thus birthing a Grievous Miracle called Altasgracias. This egg conceals something of ours that still remains immaculate.
Talking Our rageful voices were banished then. Now the Miracle has made them eternal.

Remember that only the Holiness can bless this gift so that it is without sin.

Our voices can be protection on the pathways along which your fortunate steps will take you.

Altasgracias Gives Egg of Deformity Take it with you, and thus take its purity away from us, for it is already too late for these deformed bodies.
Talking Again Leave now. Our deformities will depart to the other side of The Dream to find absolution.

Relevant Item Descriptions

Item FrameItem Torn Bridal Ribbon

Torn Bridal Ribbon

No. 1 "Yes, brother, it's been a long time since I stopped officiating nuptials. Since the day those three sisters embraced each other, praying, since the day they asked the Miracle itself to help them to avoid such a holy bond."

Item FrameItem Black Grieving Veil

Black Grieving Veil

No. 2 "No one knows what they asked for in that prayer, nor why they didn't want to be wedded. The Miracle, with its grievous plans, went to the aid of the sisters, if you can call that aid."

Item FrameItem Melted Golden Coins

Melted Golden Coins

No. 3 "I was there, I bore witness to that... creation. The hairs of the sisters grew and braided, wrapping around them, making a terrifying crunching noise until it covered them completely, shaping itself as an egg, an egg made of rough, knotty hair."

Item FrameItem Egg of Deformity

Egg of Deformity

We will enclose our voices inside this egg, our tongues that endlessly twist and grow in order to escape. Knots of a freedom we never had. Our hair will cover this ovum with cold until the heat of embers makes it hatch.

Item FrameItem Three Gnarled Tongues

Three Gnarled Tongues

These are the three tongues born from the monstrosity. Three tongues that are three voices. Three cries in harmony. The tongues are knotted into one. Roots grow and twist in their presence, just like the hair of what were once three sisters.




  • The character is inspired by the Sevillian legend of Santa Librada. One of the young adopted daughters of the king of Portugal was due to be married to the king of Sicily against her will. She prayed to God to make her hideous so her betrothed would be unwilling to marry her. Afterwards, hair grew all over her face and body. The king of Portugal deemed this an act of heresy and sentenced her to die on the cross.
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