Blasphemous Wiki

Small Bead of Red Wax

Tiny pebble of melted wax, of a muted crimson. Prayers muttered in its presence slightly strengthen the vitality of the wearer.

Medium Bead of Red Wax

Sphere of accumulated crimson wax. Echoes of ancient prayers resound in its core, and moderately reinforce the vitality of the wearer.

Big Bead of Red Wax

Large accumulation of wax of a brilliant crimson. Ancestral prayers roar in it, and it considerably reinforces the vitality of the wearer.

The Bead of Red Wax increases the Penitent One's health; each larger size increases it more than the smaller size.

The bead grows in size every time a red candle is extinguished. Interact with the candle to extinguish the flame and receive the bead. The Small Bead of Red Wax is first found in Mercy Dreams, behind an illusory wall that is above the passage to the Desecrated Cistern. The bead will grow to the Medium size once the red candle in the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage is extinguished, and finally reach the Big size once the red candle in the Library of the Negated Words is extinguished.




The abbey ceased to be a quiet place. Cries of pain coming from every cell pierced the walls. The old friar knew he would be next, so he got up from his cot, where he had been huddled, and glanced at the few items that lay on his table, most of them mementos from his life before joining the Order. He wanted to be kissed by the Miracle while immersed in those gentle thoughts. Triggering most memories were some small balls of wax, now covered in dust, that he used to enlarge by picking up wax from the candles during processions.