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Bellido is an enemy encountered in Blasphemous. They are women who wear a traje de flamenca-esque outfit and a crown of roots on their head. They carry an Andalusian jug, also wrapped with roots, on their back.

The Bellido is found in Where Olive Trees Wither and Patio of the Silent Steps.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Acid Throw: Enemy will jump up and throw the vat of acid on their back.

The enemy will jump in the direction of the Penitent One and once at maximum height, will throw the vat they carry at him. Upon contact, the vat will explode and deal damage. They will continue to jump in the direction of the Penitent One until they are killed.

The recommended strategy to defeat this enemy is to dodge away from the vat once it is thrown, then attack while the enemy is on the ground.

If the Penitent One attacks the Bellido from below, they will sometimes restore their health by sipping from the jug.