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A toe from the statue of the First Barefoot Pilgrim. This strong big toe left its mark on the secret routes. Adds extra thrust while in the air.

Given by Redento as a gift after helping him pass through the Patio of the Silent Steps.

It lets you do Air Impulse up to 3 times instead of 2. An Air Impulse is executed when you hold down and tap (if you also hold the Attack button you'll do Weight of Sin/Justice or Consecration instead) the Attack button while in the air. If your attack connects with an enemy you will bounce slightly letting you attack again. Note that your attacks are still coming out forwards and not downwards.


And he went on to say: "A genuine genuflecting pilgrim will always have his hands tied behind his back during his travels, as his feet are the only thing that should matter to him. For that is our rule."