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Bunch of aromatic herbs, common not long ago along the Forest of the Holy Trail. Today, however, their scarcity makes them increasingly valuable, especially for those who discern their healing abilities.

Acquired in Jondo. Can be given to Tirso in Albero.


Confessions of Tirso. Part 5

"Congregation members, witnesses to the phenomenon, watched in astonishment and fear, except for one of our sisters, who knelt beside me, and, without fear of contagion, kissed one of the terrible sores that the affection had caused on the young man, and the wound began to close. The brothers fell to their knees, amidst tears and prayers."

Quest: Healing Herbs
There are several items that can be given to Tirso in Albero:
Item Frame.pngItem Bouquet of Thyme.png Bouquet of Thyme

Acquired in Albero after activating the Portal.

Screenshot Location Bouquet of Thyme.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Bouquet of Rosemary.png Bouquet of Rosemary

Can be found in Jondo.

Screenshot Location Bouquet of Rosemary.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Dried Clove.png Dried Clove

Found in the Mountains of the Endless Dusk.

Screenshot Location Dried Clove.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Incense Garlic.png Incense Garlic

Found in the Where Olive Trees Wither.

Screenshot Location Incense Garlic.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Olive Seeds.png Olive Seeds

Found in Patio of the Silent Steps.

Screenshot Location Olive Seeds.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Sooty Garlic.png Sooty Garlic

Found in the Sleeping Canvases.

Screenshot Location Sooty Garlic.jpg
The order of the items does not seem to matter. He gives rewards in the following order:
Exclamation Mark.png
If Tirso refuses to take the next healing herb, defeat the next boss. Requires confirmation.

If all herbs are given and no achievement rewarded, check the area to the right from Ludovico's house. If there are any new tombstones, it means the achievement is failed and needs to be reattempted in a new save.
Please note that both the Knot of Rosary Rope and the achievement can only be triggered after defeating all thee bosses.