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The Bridge of the Three Calvaries connects the Wasteland of the Buried Churches with the Mother of Mothers. At the end of the Bridge is the sacred bronze door that will not open until the Three Humiliations are carried out, referring to defeating the bosses Ten Piedad, Tres Angustias, and Our Lady of the Charred Visage.

Deogracias can be found standing in front of the bronze door before the Three Humiliations have begun to be carried out. He will tell The Penitent One that the bronze depicts acts of The Miracle, and the three Holy Visages must be witnessed in order for the sacred bronze door to open.

A boss fight takes place on the bridge against Esdras of the Anointed Legion, after the Three Humiliations have been completed.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Taranto to My Sister.png Taranto to My Sister

Obtained after defeating Esdras.