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The Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow was a covenant of warriors, forever vowed to silence as their penance. They were excommunicated from the Church when their mission came to oppose His Holiness Escribar, and now their bodies lie scattered on the floor, The Twisted One watching over them. Save for one, who has returned from death to complete his penance: The Penitent One.

This is starting area of Blasphemous, where The Penitent One first awakens. The only enemy here is the boss, the Warden of the Silent Sorrow. After the boss fight, there is a locked door that requires the Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother to open, which can be bought from Candelaria in Mercy Dreams.

Later in the game, a path from Mountains of the Endless Dusk will lead to a new section of the area where Redento will be standing in front of a wall that blocks his path. The door behind him leads to a challenge room, and traversing through it leads to the other side of the wall and can be broken so that Redento can pass through.

This area has a Confessor Statue, Chapel of Travel, and Mea Culpa Altar. The Jailed Ghost can also be found here.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Blood Perpetuated in Sand.png Blood Perpetuated in Sand

Behind a locked door that requires Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother to open.

Item Frame.pngItem Metatarsus of Rikusyo, the Traveller.png Metatarsus of Rikusyo, the Traveller

At the end of the challenge room.