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The Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow was an order of devoted warriors. At the start of the game, the brotherhood was mostly extinct aside from the Penitent One.

All the members of the Brotherhood use a unique type of helmet resembling a capirote, a headpiece that originated in Spain and was used to denote penitent sinners. They also took a vow of silence as a form of penance, reminiscent of how the Twisted One remained silent during the events of the First Miracle. The Brotherhood's silence is interpreted as a reflection upon the silence of God.

The Brotherhood seems to have fallen in disgrace by a past sin or crime that put it in opposition to His Holiness Escribar. The nature of that crime is unknown but it seems to have something to do with the sword Mea Culpa, as it is hinted that the sword was specifically created by the Miracle to kill Escribar.

Known Members[]

  • The Penitent One: The last surviving member of the Brotherhood and wielder of the Mea Culpa. In game, he is on a mission to reach the Cradle of Affliction.
  • The Eldest Brother: Leader of the Brotherhood, presumably dead with all the other members. His penance was to hear the laments of the Twisted One.
  • Unnamed members: All members of the Brotherhood were massacred, and now their bodies rot on the floor of their abbey.

Relevant Item Descriptions[]

Item Frame.pngItem Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother.png

Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother[]

I hear his lament. The one who was believed mute from the beginning, since there were witnesses to the First Miracle. The afflicted one who asked for punishment, and had it granted to him. I hear his lament. Even if the Father is no longer with us, even if only his images, large and small, remain in all the sacred places. I hear his lament. It is the Miracle that makes me hear it, this is my punishment as the Eldest Brother and guardian of this congregation whose mystery is the silence of the Father. I hear his lament, and I don't want to hear it anymore. I will have yours cover His. That is my penance


Procession of Flagellants by Francisco Goya

  • The uniform and design of the Brotherhood and its members is inspired by the painting Procession of Flagellants by Francisco Goya.
  • The Brotherhood includes women in their ranks. In Blasphemous: The Kneeling, Crisanta throws the Pentient One's body, telling him to "return to [his] brothers and sisters". In addition, the Penitent One falls next to the corpse of a woman.
  • It seems that the Warden of the Silent Sorrow was involved with the extermination of the Brotherhood. The presence of those same enemies in the Wall of Holy Prohibition hints that they might have been sent by Escribar and his followers.
    • There is conflicting evidence to this, as the Warden is also called "Elder Brother" in the game files, hinting at it being a member of the order.