Blasphemous Wiki

Eyeball belonging to Alavaroz the scribe, who glimpsed the truth hidden to so many other eyes. Its stony scrutiny reveals the vital essence of enemies.

Sold by Candelaria in Graveyard of the Peaks for 8.png 1200.

It shows a health bar above damaged enemies.


His body was immobilised, and amid cries of repentance, his skin began to turn whiter and whiter until it finally became limestone. As he was about to become a complete statue, in a final sigh his tears softened one of his eyes that he managed to separate himself from the rest of the body by falling to the ground. Then we discreetly moved her rigid body from the lime from her cell to the lower parts of the archicatedral along with the other forbidden statues, we put a wide loom over her so that no one else would know that under her would sleep, punished by the Miracle, the Great Scribe.