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"Call me Candelaria, for what I sell would make your eyes light up like the high bonfires."

Candelaria is a merchant found in her shops in Mercy Dreams, Graveyard of the Peaks and The Sleeping Canvases.

Mercy Dreams
Item Frame.pngItem Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother.png Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother 8.png 400
Item Frame.pngItem Hollow Pearl.png Hollow Pearl 8.png 1000
Item Frame.pngItem Moss Preserved in Glass.png Moss Preserved in Glass 8.png 1500
Graveyard of the Peaks
Item Frame.pngItem Ember of the Holy Cremation.png Ember of the Holy Cremation 8.png 5000
Item Frame.pngItem Calcified Eye of Erudition.png Calcified Eye of Erudition 8.png 1200
Item Frame.pngItem Torn Bridal Ribbon.png Torn Bridal Ribbon 8.png 800
The Sleeping Canvases
Item Frame.pngItem Wicker Knot.png Wicker Knot 8.png 4000
Item Frame.pngItem Empty Bile Vessel.png Empty Bile Vessel 8.png 9000
Item Frame.pngItem Key of the Inquisitor.png Key of the Inquisitor 8.png 9999


Achievement Icon Flea Market.jpg

Flea Market
Buy all the items of the Candelaria shops.


First Encounter Let us be captives of the Miracle, Penitent One.

Do not be surprised to find this merchant here, this ancient occupation requires me to be wherever I can obtain rewarding benefits.

Call me Candelaria, for what I sell would make your eyes light up like the high bonfires.

I will not ask you for any money whatsoever; those forbidden tears you shed would be more than enough for me.

Go ahead, cast your darkened eyes over these valuable treasures.

Greeting Let us be captives of the Miracle, Penitent One.
Generic Greeting Let us be captives of the Miracle, Penitent One.
Presenting Item Behold what I present to you; though a small piece, its great power should not be underestimated.

Trust me, for I have the blood of kings on the palm of my hand.

Presenting Item What I am offering you here is as lustrous as the first star of the night.

And may my eyes be blinded if I am lying.

Presenting Item This is a precious treasure to me... Its value goes far beyond what I ask for it.

And may I don mourning black if I am trying to deceive you.

Presenting Item Handing this over is not something that delights me, so its price is as high as its value to me.

And may the bells toll for me if I ever deceive you.

Presenting Item Feast your eyes on the envy of every merchant. The finest treasure to ever find its way into my hands.

And may my heart stop beating if I am being dishonest.

Not Enough Tears Come back when you have more Tears of Atonement.


Shop Locations[]

Relevant Item Description[]

Item Frame.pngItem Heart of Oils.png

Heart of Oils[]

"Father, as it always is after a procession, the ground was filled with puddles of blood from our penitents, who harm themselves with every excruciating step. But as I prayed on the windowsill, watching the night reflected on that holy reddish line, I noticed that someone, a cloaked figure, had begun collecting that blood in a shiny, metallic container." "That figure you speak of, my son, must be none other than the roaming gipsy, the merchant they call Candelaria: a sage to some, a witch to others."

Item Frame.pngItem Immaculate Bead.png

Immaculate Bead[]

"I have something for you, and for you alone..." revealed the gipsy to a monk who had just stopped his donkey, as she uncovered a white stone possessing a strange beauty. "It comes from the darkness of the ocean floor. Contemplate its purity, look at its immaculate white, its virgin brilliance... What could be purer than this for your rosary, brother?"




  • The sentences that Candelaria uses to end her dialogue when describing her merchandise are a reference to the famous Spanish singer and actress Lola Flores, more specifically, to her song "Te lo juro yo" from 1954.
  • In the game's files she is referred to as "Ladrona", meaning "Thief".