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Prie Dieu[]

Tutorial Prie Dieu.png

Press INTERACT to rest at the Prie Dieu, saving the game, and refilling all health and flasks. Upon death, the Penitent One will respawn at the last visited Prie Dieu. Resting will cause enemies to respawn.




Tutorial Dash.png

Use the DODGE action to crouch through small spaces, avoid physical attacks and pass through enemies without suffering damage.

Wall Climbing[]

Tutorial Wall Climbing.png

Press ATTACK when jumping against certain surfaces to thrust the Mea Culpa into the wall. While hanging, press JUMP or BLOCK to jump down.


Tutorial Execution.png

Some of the Penitent One's attacks can stun certain enemies. Press INTERACT to execute stunned enemies. Ending an enemy in this way grants a Fervour and Tears of Atonement bonus.

Parry, Counterattack, Retribution[]

Tutorial Advanced Technique.png

This maneuver allows the Penitent One to counter weak attacks and deflect heavy strikes. During a counter, press the ATTACK button at the moment of impact to perform a Retribution, increasing the force of the blow and stunning some enemies.

Air Impulse[]

Tutorial Advanced Technique Air.png

Press DOWN + ATTACK in the air to ascend after hitting an enemy. It can be done up to two times before landing.

Blood Penitence[]

Tutorial Advanced Technique Blood Penitence.png

Hold RANGED ATTACK to sacrifice your blood in exchange for Fervour. Doing this also spends a small amount of Tears of Atonement.

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