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“Each memory rips through me, and although I stow myself against the emotions, I can't prevent the pain that accompanies each image. Pain for a love never acknowledged, pain for a friendship now gone. Pain for a loss I can't possibly endure.” - Christine Fonseca "Mea Culpa"

Mea Culpa Hearts grant powerful upgrades and can be equipped at the Prie Dieu. Only one can be equipped at any time.

Heart of Saltpeter Blood on the tutorial screen about Mea Culpa Hearts

Mea Culpa Hearts
Heart Description Acquisition
Item Frame.pngItem Apodictic Heart of Mea Culpa.png Apodictic Heart of Mea Culpa Provides a +25% damage bonus. Acquired after returning both of the Fourth Visage's eyes.
Item Frame.pngItem Brilliant Heart of Dawn.png Brilliant Heart of Dawn Increases speed after dodging. Lowers defense by 50%. Acquired after defeating Laudes, the First of the Amanecidas.
Item Frame.pngItem Heart of Cerulean Incense.png Heart of Cerulean Incense Increases Fervour generation. Weakens blood attacks. Acquired in Where Olive Trees Wither. Requires Three Gnarled Tongues.
Item Frame.pngItem Heart of Oils.png Heart of Oils Sword attacks deal +30% damage but halves the defence. Acquired in the Archcathedral Rooftops.
Item Frame.pngItem Heart of Saltpeter Blood.png Heart of Saltpeter Blood Increases damage by +30% when the health is low. Acquired in the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage.
Item Frame.pngItem Heart of the Holy Purge.png Heart of the Holy Purge Increases Tears of Atonement. Empties all bile flasks. Acquired in Jondo.
Item Frame.pngItem Heart of the Single Tone.png Heart of the Single Tone Allows to destroy certain projectiles. Lowers elemental resistance. Acquired in a Confessor Dungeon.
Item Frame.pngItem Heart of the Unnamed Minstrel.png Heart of the Unnamed Minstrel Increases chance of execution. Reduces time to parry. Acquired in Graveyard of the Peaks.
Item Frame.pngItem Heart of Virtuous Pain.png Heart of Virtuous Pain Increases both the duration of the blocking stance and the recovery after the block. Acquired in the Wasteland of the Buried Churches.
Item Frame.pngItem Molten Heart of Boiling Blood.png Molten Heart of Boiling Blood Recovers health after killing an enemy. Reduces health recovered by Bile Flasks. Acquired in Sleeping Canvases. Requires the big versions of Bead of Red Wax and Bead of Blue Wax.
Item Frame.pngItem Smoking Heart of Incense.png Smoking Heart of Incense Increases Prayer damage. Increases cost of Prayers. Acquired in Mother of Mothers. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand.


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Heart and Slash
Get all sword hearts.


  • Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that means "through my fault" and is an acknowledgment of having done wrong.

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