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Relics each possess different, unique effects that alter the Penitent One's perception of the world.


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Skin and Bones
Get all relics.

Relic Description Acquisition
Item Frame.pngItem Blood Perpetuated in Sand.png Blood Perpetuated in Sand Makes blood platforms visible and useable. Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow. Requires using the Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother, bought from Candelaria for 8.png 400 in Mercy Dreams
Item Frame.pngItem Incorrupt Hand of the Fraternal Master.png Incorrupt Hand of the Fraternal Master Indicates the presence of hidden areas. Bring the Severed Hand found in the Desecrated Cistern to the Blessed Lord of Salty Shores
Item Frame.pngItem Linen of Golden Thread.png Linen of Golden Thread Allows to fall into pits without dying. Jocinero, after rescuing 20 Children of Moonlight.
Item Frame.pngItem Nail Uprooted from Dirt.png Nail Uprooted from Dirt Negates the effects of mud and water. Equip Fourth Toe Made of Limestone, Little Toe Made of Limestone, and Big Toe Made of Limestone at Redento's last location.
Item Frame.pngItem Shroud of Dreamt Sins.png Shroud of Dreamt Sins Allows to read the memories of corpses. Bring the Linen Cloth given by Tirso to the Blessed Lord of Salty Shores
Item Frame.pngItem Silvered Lung of Dolphos.png Silvered Lung of Dolphos Negates the effects of poisonous mist. Acquired in Grievance Ascends in a tall room filled with poison gas.
Item Frame.pngItem Three Gnarled Tongues.png Three Gnarled Tongues Turns roots into footbridges and climbable surfaces. Egg of Deformity quest.

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