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The Stir of Dawn update is a major, free content update for Blasphemous and has varying release dates on various platforms. This update provides new bosses, areas, tweaks to the base game, a new game+ mode, and a completely new quest.

The Stir of Dawn released with version number 2.0.22

True Torment (NG+)

Once beating the game, The Penitent One may ascend their playthrough; they will keep:

What will be reset:

  • All Collectibles
  • All bile flask upgrades
  • All fervour upgrades
  • All health upgrades
  • All rosary knot upgrades
  • All progress for quests, bosses, general exploration, and key items

All kept items are replaced with 8.png 500 Tears of Atonement upon finding them in the overworld.

Upon ascending a save file, the Penitent One will receive the Petrified Bell in order to access a new NPC, Jibrael in Petrous.

All enemies do significantly larger amount of damage. They also reward 20% extra Tears of Atonement.


There are three penitences that can be obtained in True Torment mode:

Penitence of a Bleeding Heart

-Your skin is torn, only your will keeps you going. Every attack that you receive makes you lose one life orb.
-Your sacred equipment is affected by the Miracle. Bile Flasks regenerate several orbs over time, but suffering damage stops this process.
-Your enemies are unrelenting. They will respawn Every time you come back to an area.

Penitence of the Unwavering Faith

-Your sword arm weakens, Mea Culpa attacks are half as effective.
-Your mind is stronger, your determination an endless supply of fervour. Fervour regenerates over time.
-Pain makes you lose concentration. The damage suffered reduces your fervour stocks.

Penitence of the True Guilt

-Failure is unacceptable. Upon death, all your Tears of Atonement are placed on the Guilt fragment.
-Regret overcomes you. Your Guilt Level reaches the maximum once you fall in battle.
-Nothing can ease your pain. Bile Flasks will not heal you, refilling your Fervour instead.

It's also optional to abstain from taking a penitence.

New Content

Areas: Petrous, Echoes of Salt. Hall of the Dawning, and Ferrous Tree alongside new areas attached to old ones.

NPCs: Jailed Ghost overhaul, Jibrael, Nacimiento, Puppers of Albero

Bosses: Amanecidas of the Miracle

Rosary Beads: Token of Appreciation, Cloistered Ruby, Bead of Gold Thread, Cloistered Sapphire, and Fire Enclosed in Enamel

Hearts: Brilliant Heart of Dawn

Prayers: Aubade of the Nameless Guardian

Quest Items: Quicksilver

All items (21)