"Rusty iron cup, of simple appearance. Its interior is embossed in lackluster silver, and depicts rows of spiral verses, which descend to the bottom. These rhymes speak of pagan beasts and forbidden fruit.

The cup is partially filled with Tears of Atonement, harvested by Mea Culpa."


-But, Father, where are all the idols, paintings and statues that the Mother has seized and banned? If they were inspired by the faith in our Miracle, they should not have been destroyed, for it would be a grave sin.
-I don't know, dear son, but I would bet my faith that those underground galleries hide more than air.

Found in Desecrated Cistern. Starts a challenge when picked up:
Quest: Chalice of the Inverted Verses
The Chalice is found in Desecrated Cistern in a room with depictions of three enemies. Requires Nail Uprooted from Dirt to reach. Completing this challenge allows to unlock the room with the seventh, last upgrade for Mea Culpa.
To unlock the room, one of each of the following creatures described on the wall in the room have to be killed without dying or using Portals:
Depiction Lionheart Lionheart, in Wall of the Holy Prohibitions
Depiction Phalaris Brazen Bull, in Mountains of the Endless Dusk
Depiction Sleepless Tomb Sleepless Tomb in the Sleeping Canvases(Note that it only spawns when the room is entered from the left side.)
Blasphemous - 7th and last Mea Culpa Upgrade Quest - The Easy Route

Blasphemous - 7th and last Mea Culpa Upgrade Quest - The Easy Route

The good way to easily complete the quest is to start this quest after unlocking the shortcut between the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage and the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions. Start collecting from near the Prie Dieu located in the start of The Sleeping Canvases (near the Library of the Negated Words), then go to Wall of the Holy Prohibitions, take the lift to Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage, head to Mountains of the Endless Dusk and finish in the elevator shaft of Desecrated Cistern. With this approach, the platforming puzzle with spikes and blades is faced early, so should the Penitent One die, it is easy to start over.

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