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Collectibles are backer-designed items found across Cvstodia. Collectibles can brought to the Ossuary (break the right wall at the lowest floor of Kissers of Wounds building to get there) for Tears of Atonement. Collecting all rewards the Warden of the Ossuary skin and achievement:

Achievement Icon Warden of the Ossuary.jpg

Warden of the Ossuary
Get all collectibles.

Item Description Location

Item Frame.pngItem Anklebone of Weston, the Pilgrim.png

Anklebone of Weston, the Pilgrim[]

His travelling companion assured him that he would wait for him at the next shelter, just a day away. When Weston arrived the next day, there was no one there. Nor the day after that.

Graveyard of the Peaks
Screenshot Location Anklebone of Weston, the Pilgrim.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Calcaneum of Persian, the Bandit.png

Calcaneum of Persian, the Bandit[]

Feared by his countrymen, Persian attacked routes without distinction between rich and poor, and always alone. The day he dragged himself to Albero on the brink of death, no one took pity on him.

Screenshot Location Calcaneum of Persian, the Bandit.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Capitate of Barock, the Herald.png

Capitate of Barock, the Herald[]

Whether executions or lashings, Barock was always there to proclaim them loudly, but his voice broke down gradually as, day by day, he had to announce the sentences of his entire family.

Wasteland of the Buried Churches
Screenshot Location Capitate of Barock, the Herald.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Cervical Vertebra of Zicher, the Brewmaster.png

Cervical Vertebra of Zicher, the Brewmaster[]

Zicher, the Brewmaster, gave ignoble fame to his monastery by brewing the most famous beer in the kingdom. One night, the flames of a fire raised his legend to the heavens.

Mercy Dreams
Screenshot Location Cervical Vertebra of Zicher, the Brewmaster.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Clavicle of Dalhuisen, the Schoolchild.png

Clavicle of Dalhuisen, the Schoolchild[]

They searched for him for days, until they found Mark's remains in the woods. Since then, rumours tell of demons riding on the backs of flying goats, coming from faraway lands.

The Holy Line
Screenshot Location Clavicle of Dalhuisen, the Schoolchild.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Coccyx of Daniel, the Possessed.png

Coccyx of Daniel, the Possessed[]

It is said that Daniel appeared inside a castle. He cried that he had been possessed by a shadow as he slept, and also claimed to have maintained carnal relations with underground creatures.

Where Olive Trees Wither
Screenshot Location Coccyx of Daniel, the Possessed.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Coxal of June, the Prostitute.png

Coxal of June, the Prostitute[]

Popular among the bishopric, June Sayers seduced and corrupted the will and vow of chastity of many in the priesthood, but her immunity ended when the first ashes fell to the ground.

Mother of Mothers
Screenshot Location Coxal of June, the Prostitute.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Femur of Karpow, the Bounty Hunter.png

Femur of Karpow, the Bounty Hunter[]

Karpow, nicknamed "the Daring," was a feared bounty hunter at the service of the bishopric of Cvstodia. Karpow had a cherished motto: "Get rid of everything and you'll have nothing to lose

Mother of Mothers
Screenshot Location Femur of Karpow, the Bounty Hunter.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Fibula of Rysp, the Ranger.png

Fibula of Rysp, the Ranger[]

Rysp Scrimshaw was known for his reckless nightly walks in the woods. He said they helped him think about what was "beyond," beyond even the High Wills.

Patio of the Silent Steps
Screenshot Location Fibula of Rysp, the Ranger.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Frontal of Martinus, the Ropemaker.png

Frontal of Martinus, the Ropemaker[]

Artisan Martinus Hafnia was unjustly accused of selling brittle strings, and sentenced to be hanged with one of his creations. That very sad day he regained his honour.

Grievance Ascends
Screenshot Location Frontal of Martinus, the Ropemaker.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Hamate of Vukelich, the Copyist.png

Hamate of Vukelich, the Copyist[]

Taking advantage of a pontifical bull, Vukelich was caught stealing a forbidden book about arcane knowledge. His hands did not write again after that day.

Wall of the Holy Prohibitions
Screenshot Location Hamate of Vukelich, the Copyist.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Humerus of McMittens, the Nurse.png

Humerus of McMittens, the Nurse[]

A nurse and cat lover, McMittens saved countless lives, human and others. Unable to bear saving those who showed no respect for life, he put an end to his own.

Desecrated Cistern
Screenshot Location Humerus of McMittens, the Nurse.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Hyoid bone of Senex, the Beggar.png

Hyoid bone of Senex, the Beggar[]

Senex spent a lifetime fleeing pain, which caused more and more suffering to his tormented soul. Only when he accepted pain as part of his life did he find a meaning to it.

Desecrated Cistern
Screenshot Location Hyoid bone of Senex, the Beggar.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Jaw of Ashgan, the Inquisitor.png

Jaw of Ashgan, the Inquisitor[]

Ashgan desperately sought answers for his creed through torture, even condemning members of the priesthood. He found nothing but regret in his actions.

Wall of the Holy Prohibitions
Screenshot Location Jaw of Ashgan, the Inquisitor.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Kneecap of Sebastien, the Puppeteer.png

Kneecap of Sebastien, the Puppeteer[]

Sebastien Wojda lived surrounded by puppets. To him they were his family. His cries marked the night he disappeared into the flames of his theatre, exclaiming: "I forbid you to move!"

Mercy Dreams
Screenshot Location Kneecap of Sebastien, the Puppeteer.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Lunate of Keiya, the Butcher.png

Lunate of Keiya, the Butcher[]

His nickname "the Butcher" was owed not to his occupation, but to his vicious combat skills as a soldier. Not even corruption seemed to alter his disturbed personality.

Archcathedral Rooftops
Screenshot Location Lunate of Keiya, the Butcher.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Maxilla of Tarradax, the Cleric.png

Maxilla of Tarradax, the Cleric[]

With his broad smile and good manners, Nicodemus Tarradax never denied anyone refuge in his church. The discovery of a pile of bones in the sacristy revealed his true intentions.

Mercy Dreams
Screenshot Location Maxilla of Tarradax, the Cleric.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Metacarpus of Hodges, the Blacksmith.png

Metacarpus of Hodges, the Blacksmith[]

Blacksmith Brendan Hodges forged some of Cvstodia's most beautiful weapons, wielded by the Anointed Legion themselves. Destiny wanted it to be one of his weapons that killed him.

Mountains of the Endless Dusk
Screenshot Location Metacarpus of Hodges, the Blacksmith.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Metatarsus of Rikusyo, the Traveller.png

Metatarsus of Rikusyo, the Traveller[]

Almost no details of his background are known, but those who crossed his path claimed later that Rikusyo carried a small, strange, luminous plate that emitted a faint voice.

Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow
Screenshot Location Redento 02.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Nasal Bone of Charles, the Artist.png

Nasal Bone of Charles, the Artist[]

The beauty of his work sparked a strong debate within the church. It was commanded that no representation could be more beautiful than life itself. Dryden's collection was confiscated, and he was forgotten.

The Sleeping Canvases
Screenshot Location Nasal Bone of Charles, the Artist.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Navicular of Kahnnyhoo, the Murderer.png

Navicular of Kahnnyhoo, the Murderer[]

Kahnnyhoo, although clumsy, took advantage of his cheerful and jovial demeanour to trick merchants and clergymen, with the intention of killing them and stealing their belongings.

Desecrated Cistern
Screenshot Location Navicular of Kahnnyhoo, the Murderer.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Occipital of Tequila, the Metalsmith.png

Occipital of Tequila, the Metalsmith[]

Tequila was not your everyday metalsmith: skulls were the basis of his creations, with jewelled skulls his specialty. His last wish was to become the most beautiful piece in his collection.

Graveyard of the Peaks
Screenshot Location Occipital of Tequila, the Metalsmith.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Parietal Bone of Lasser, the Inquisitor.png

Parietal Bone of Lasser, the Inquisitor[]

Unlike other inquisitors, Lasser showed an unusual amount of indulgence towards the accused, even to the point of stopping executions. His weakness led him to excommunication and exile.

Graveyard of the Peaks
Screenshot Location Parietal Bone of Lasser, the Inquisitor.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Phalanx of Aralcarim, the Archivist.png

Phalanx of Aralcarim, the Archivist[]

Aralcarim worked as an archivist in the "Library of the Negated Words". His heightened interest in the writings of Cvstodia prior to the appearance of the Twisted cost him his exile.

Library of the Negated Words
Screenshot Location Phalanx of Aralcarim, the Archivist.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Phalanx of Arthur, the Sailor.png

Phalanx of Arthur, the Sailor[]

He spent his whole life looking after a mysterious totem. This evidence would prove the existence of an impossible castle built under the sea, protected by its incessant waves.

Wasteland of the Buried Churches
Screenshot Location Phalanx of Arthur, the Sailor.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Phalanx of Brannon, the Gravedigger.png

Phalanx of Brannon, the Gravedigger[]

Brannon Joshua Mullins dug the graves of hundreds throughout his life, whether friend, family, or foe... But when the chaos arose, there was no one left to return the favor

Screenshot Location Phalanx of Brannon, the Gravedigger.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Phalanx of Miriam, the Counsellor.png

Phalanx of Miriam, the Counsellor[]

Miriam Barto knew what it took to succeed, but fate is unpredictable. Though a terrible illness shortened her life, her legacy was eternal to those who loved her.

Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage
Screenshot Location Phalanx of Miriam, the Counsellor.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Phalanx of William, the Sceptic.png

Phalanx of William, the Sceptic[]

William Grahf devoted his life to exposing charlatans and deceitful evangelists. He even questioned the sanctity of certain members of the Cvstodian church. His heresy was not forgiven.

Wall of the Holy Prohibitions
Screenshot Location Phalanx of William, the Sceptic.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Phalanx of Zeth, the Prisoner.png

Phalanx of Zeth, the Prisoner[]

Zeth Corsica was sentenced to life in absolute solitary confinement. He was constantly muttering something about voices in his head. Was it maybe one of them that pushed him to suicide?

Wall of the Holy Prohibitions
Screenshot Location Phalanx of Zeth, the Prisoner.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Pisiform of Hernandez, the Explorer.png

Pisiform of Hernandez, the Explorer[]

Victor Hernandez was chosen to lead an expedition meant to "civilise" barbaric tribes. He was sentenced for heresy when he suggested that Cvstodia was the most uncivilised of all known places.

Mercy Dreams
Screenshot Location Pisiform of Hernandez, the Explorer.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Radius of Helzer, the Poet.png

Radius of Helzer, the Poet[]

The work of the poet John Clark Helzer had a sadly posthumous success, especially his "Poem to the Red Leaf". The poem was found next to his corpse, severed by a fallen tree.

Where Olive Trees Wither
Screenshot Location Radius of Helzer, the Poet.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Ribs of Sabnock, the Guardian.png

Ribs of Sabnock, the Guardian[]

The Anointed Legion included Sabnock among its ranks, guardian and bearer of the Sigil of the Twisted. He fiercely protected the gates of town, even after chaos had arisen.

Archcathedral Rooftops
Screenshot Location Ribs of Sabnock, the Guardian.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Sacrum of the Dark Warlock.png

Sacrum of the Dark Warlock[]

Founder of the "Library of the Negated Words," this priest was known by the sobriquet of "the Dark One". He was caught practicing sorcery, surrounded by pagan writings.

Library of the Negated Words
Screenshot Location Sacrum of the Dark Warlock.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Scaphoid of Fierce, the Leper.png

Scaphoid of Fierce, the Leper[]

Rejected by his family, his village and even by other lepers, Fierce only found solace in the echo that his voice returned to him when he took refuge in the tunnels of the Desecrated Cistern.

Desecrated Cistern
Screenshot Location Scaphoid of Fierce, the Leper.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Scapula of Carlos, the Executioner.png

Scapula of Carlos, the Executioner[]

His hatred for people was as great as his love for animals. When he was ordered to execute a dog that had bitten a bishop, Carlos refused for the first and last time.

Screenshot Location Scapula of Carlos, the Executioner.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Sternum of Vitas, the Performer.png

Sternum of Vitas, the Performer[]

Cvstodia remembers with admiration the name of Vitas Varnas. He inspired the lives of his people through his altruistic actions as well as his inspirational words.

Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage
Screenshot Location Sternum of Vitas, the Performer.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Temporal of Joel, the Thief.png

Temporal of Joel, the Thief[]

Joel always stole to help others. One day he risked too much, and was caught stealing the Pontiff's bejewelled stole. No one in Cvstodia has ever endured greater torture.

Wall of the Holy Prohibitions
Screenshot Location Temporal of Joel, the Thief.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Tibia of Alsahli, the Mystic.png

Tibia of Alsahli, the Mystic[]

Alsahli never believed in the authority of the Holy See of Cvstodia. He even claimed to have been able to contact the High Wills on his own: "Be fervent. That is the secret."

Library of the Negated Words
Screenshot Location Tibia of Alsahli, the Mystic.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Trapezium of Jeremiah, the Hangman.png

Trapezium of Jeremiah, the Hangman[]

Jeremiah Schweiger took the lives of thousands of prisoners for decades, trusting that his work was sacred. When doubt invaded his mind, remorse ravaged him.

Mother of Mothers
Screenshot Location Trapezium of Jeremiah, the Hangman.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Trapezoid of Yeager, the Jeweller.png

Trapezoid of Yeager, the Jeweller[]

Unjustly sentenced to the stake by order of Ashgan the Inquisitor, Tyrant Yeager's family became ashes. Blinded by revenge, he forged a ring with their remains, a ring that is now believed to be cursed.

Mother of Mothers
Screenshot Location Trapezoid of Yeager, the Jeweller.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Triquetral of Luca, the Tailor.png

Triquetral of Luca, the Tailor[]

He dreamed all his life of making beautiful clothes for the nobility, but nearing the day of his death, the only thing he had the opportunity to sew were sanbenitos.

Patio of the Silent Steps
Screenshot Location Triquetral of Luca, the Tailor.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Ulna of Koke, the Troubadour.png

Ulna of Koke, the Troubadour[]

The inquisitors despised music because it induced euphoria. Koke thought it appropriate to dedicate a toned satire to these presbyters in public. His execution preceded the complete ban on music.

Wall of the Holy Prohibitions
Screenshot Location Ulna of Koke, the Troubadour.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Vertebra of John, the Gambler.png

Vertebra of John, the Gambler[]

Known for his gambling skills, many believed that John Von Gammeramindz's fate was guided by the High Wills. The day his luck ran out, so did his life.

Screenshot Location Vertebra of John, the Gambler.jpg

Item Frame.pngItem Vertebra of Lindquist, the Forger.png

Vertebra of Lindquist, the Forger[]

Wherever a bell rings in Cvstodia, its sound owes its existence to Lindquist. This forger never saw his bizarre magnum opus "Jondo" completed.

Screenshot Location Vertebra of Lindquist, the Forger.jpg