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Cvstodia is the region where the events of Blasphemous take place. It has been described by the developers as a "dark, gothic world". Its inhabitants are highly religious and much of the design draws from traditional art, history, and legend from Andalusia and more specifically Seville, where many of the developers are from.


Many of the lore notes found throughout the world indicate that Cvstodia is a deeply religious society. The land itself was covered in various cathedrals and governed by a strict religious order, much like Spain and other European countries in the early modern era. The head of the Church is His Holiness Escribar, who seems to be the papal figure of the land. There is a very prevalent theme of guilt and suffering being necessary for salvation, and the people of Cvstodia take this to the extreme, especially because they are at the will of the Miracle. Faith is an integral part of society, with diseases, afflictions, and events of a supernatural nature all attributed to the Miracle.

The belief that penance requires great pain is reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, a tribunal which procecuted people in the name of Catholic orthodoxy. The purpose of this movement was part of the larger Catholic Inquisition (which in turn came from what's now known as the Medieval Inquisition), where the Pope and Catholic monarchs strictly enforced their religious rules amongst the population, with penances being central in sentences. Notes found in the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions demonstrate that enforcement of the law was carried out by a group known as the Inquisitors, just as was done during the historical Inquisition.

Many forms of torture and punishment that were present during the Inquisition, medieval, and early modern era can be seen throughout the game. For example, making pilgrimages and carrying very heavy crosses was a common form of penance; the most obvious presentations in game being Redento and the Crucified enemies. Being burned at the stake was also practiced, which is both seen and referenced in game. A form of crucifixion is also exemplified in game, except the practice is associated with the Twisted One instead of Jesus.

In recent times, the inhabitants of Cvstodia have been subjected to a supernatural affliction known as Miracle, which has devastated much of the land. Few people remain and much of the inhabitants have been transformed into the various beasts that the Penitent One encounters as enemies, presumably due to the Miracle.



  • In pre-release updates, the place is referred to as "Orthodoxia".