Diosdado is the watchman of the Library of the Negated Words, carrying a ring of many keys and even more keys around his neck, as well as a lantern. These keys supposedly unlock the shelves of forbidden volumes kept in the Library.

Found in the Library of the Negated Words, Diosdado begs the the Penitent One to stop the sound coming from below. Stopping the sound requires using the Shroud of Dreamt Sins to speak to a ghost who is banging on a wall deeper in the library. Diosdado rewards the Penitent One with Tears of Atonement and The Young Masons Wheel.




First Encounter The sound does not cease.

It creeps on these forgotten walls, and no one can determine its origin or its obscure destiny.

For the love of the the High Wills, silence it, for I have long yearned for it.

Talking Again For the love of the High Wills, make the sound cease.
After Silencing the Sound I, Diosdado by name, night watchman by trade, am in your mercy.

You have my gratitude for having silenced such an unbearable sound.



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