Blasphemous Wiki

"Unfamiliar mineral, found in a deep crevice by a forgotten miner. The poor soul lost his mind in the labyrinth of its facets, which reflect a non-existent light.
It increases the Fervour generated with attacks."

Increases the Fervour generated by the Penitent One's attacks by +50%.
Stacks with Crown of Gnawed Iron to +100%.

Reward from a Confessor Dungeon.

One needs to break the Statues of Confessors, then enter the portal that appears in their places with the Weight of True Guilt equipped and defeat the five waves of enemies in the Confessor Dungeon.


I found it! It's the light of the star! What they were saying is true. Something was shining in this frozen darkness. The light of the star was calling us... It wanted to get out... It wanted to return to the heavens, but now it won't be possible, for now it's mine...