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Artefact found in the hands of a dead archdeacon in a dusty library.

Found in Library of the Negated Words. Can be reached after defeating the Exposito, Scion of Abjuration. Used in Wall of the Holy Prohibitions to activate an elevator.


Confessions from Crescente

The ravages of time had taken their toll on the mind of the one I once respected like a father. He has allowed himself to be carried away by the superstition and fallacies of the village, searching for the impossible with his clouded eyes among the altars of the Mother. And Dolphos betrays the trust of his Most Illustrious, taking refuge in the cold peaks with his host of servants, wearing his introspection as an excuse to hide his laziness and lack of faith. Only I, the only one capable of ascending to the marble halls with an adequate response, remain. The forbidden volumes of these endless shelves will not resist the zeal of my searching much longer.


  • Crescente is Spanish for crescent, and typically refers to the phase of the moon.
  • The item's lore refers to two other individuals, one being Dolphos, the other likely being Orestes, who is found in the Mother of Mothers. These are the other two Archdeacons whose masks the player obtains to work the elevator on the Arch-Cathedral Rooftops, with each mask corresponding to one of the three statue heads. Since the mask's lore refers to the other two individuals as men, it is likely that Crescente is the woman depicted on the three-headed Elevator Statue.
  • The tie between Exposito and Crescente is unclear, however it is possible that Exposito was produced through Crescente's attempts to utilize the things deemed forbidden by their faith.