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Vessel made of crystal and gold capable of holding the hallowed bile that emanates from the mourning fountains.

Empty Bile Vessels can be used to increase the number of times the Penitent One can heal.

There are a total of 8 of them, making the maximum amount of heals 10. The empty vessels need to be brought to a Sanguine Fountain to fill them in exchange for tears. Every subsequent vessel costs more to fill. Once filled, they refill at the Prie Dieu.


Achievement Icon Fountain of Life.jpg

Fountain of Life
Achieve the maximum value of flasks.


  1. Desecrated Cistern, behind an illusory wall at the bottom of the long, vertical corridor that leads up to the Wasteland of the Buried Churches.
  2. Jondo, on the bottom left of the area, on a platform to the right of a vertical chain of bells and below a bell-ringing enemy.
  3. Mountains of the Endless Dusk, atop Jondo, in the middle, after having activated the mechanism that lets Redento pass. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reach.
  4. Mercy Dreams, false wall to the left of the area after the traps section, available after an obligatory fight with two Acolyte and a Spear of the Cathedra.
  5. Library of the Negated Words, false floor on the bottom of the shaft with the ghosts where the Statues of Confessor is.
  6. The Sleeping Canvases, sold by Candelaria for 8.png 9000.
  7. Wall of the Holy Prohibitions, on the middle floor of right side of the jail area, below the Prie Dieu. The jail cell is located behind a fake wall and requires Key of the Inquisitor to open.
  8. Graveyard of the Peaks, up and to the right from the Prie Dieu.


  • First: 8.png 500
  • Second: 8.png 750
  • Third: 8.png 900
  • Fourth: 8.png 1250
  • Fifth: 8.png 1500
  • Sixth: 8.png 1850
  • Seventh: 8.png 2250
  • Eighth: 8.png 3000




"Get up and tell us what you witnessed", said the Scribe without adverting his gaze from the paper. "I received an order for the exhumation of a penitent who had been buried about a year ago", answered the gravedigger. "He was well loved in Albero, and many parishioners approached his grave. But, when I dug him up, we saw blood coming out of a crack in his sarcophagus, blood red as wine. Those who were there rushed to open the lid of the coffin, and carried him on their shoulders, watching as blood gushed out from its side. Others ran to their houses, searching for buckets and bottles to keep all that blood that wouldn't stop flowing out."