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His Holiness Escribar Last Son of the Miracle

"I curse you forever in name. I bless you forever in death"

His Holiness Escribar is presumably the papal figure of Cvstodia and final boss of Blasphemous.

He can be heard in the game at various points of progress describing the events of the Turned Throne and the Burnt Tree.

The Miracle transformed him into an abominable creature after the events of the Turned Throne and the Burnt Tree. Now, he resides in the highest tower of the Mother of Mothers, awaiting the day that someone comes with the sword that can end his life.

Behaviour and Tactics[]

  • Fireballs: Boss casts a rain of fire from the sky that tracks.
  • Missile Outburst: Boss casts purple projectiles directly in front of him.
  • Lightning Bolt: Boss casts a pair of lightning bolts lightning that tracks.
  • Toxic Balls: Boss casts toxic balls that tracks.

Although Escribar is a very weak boss, his attacks deal a great amount of damage. In this form, he only uses magic attacks. When he casts each spell, a circle will form around him that acts a shield and he cannot be hurt while it is around him. During the fight he will cast a spell, turn invisible, and then teleport to another part of the room.

The Toxic Balls can be hit and, if aimed at him, can shatter his protective circle. The protective circle is usually around him until the spell finishes. The balls do not move very fast and are reasonably spaced out, so they can be dodged through or hit.

The Fireballs are quicker in succession and have less spacing, making the dodging timing more difficult. They cannot be hit or blocked. His protective circle will not last the entire length of the Fireballs attack, so he can be hit during this time.

When Escribar uses his Missile Outburst attack, the first projectile will be at head height and the following one will be at ankle height. Due to the fact that they are spaced out, the most effective strategy for avoiding these is to crouch under the higher projectiles and jump over the lower ones. Alternatively, if the Penitent One can get behind Escribar, he will not be hit by any of them. As long as his protective circle isn't up, he can be attacked in this state.

When the boss utilizes the Lightning Bolt attack, dodging away from the lightning's preceding animation is sufficient to avoid it.

To defeat Escribar as quickly as possible, he should be attacked immediately upon seeing him. If he is attacked quickly enough, he won't have a chance to cast a spell and will simply teleport away. Then he can be attacked again and the process repeated until he is destroyed.


Achievement Icon Summa Blasphemia.jpg

Summa Blasphemia
Beat His Holiness Escribar.


After departing the Holy Line There is no answer to our plea, the Miracle has forsaken us, and my ornate throne turns its back on those who await here.
After the Forbidden Door is unlocked I feel my blood turning into black sap, and my aged skin into reddish bark.
After defeating one boss in the Mother of Mothers church I see everything from the highest point of the dried tree in which the Miracle has reincarnated me.
After defeating two bosses in the Mother of Mothers church I burn from the inside out, and my smoke is a fog that conceals everything.
After defeating all three bosses in the Mother of Mothers church I awake now, from the silver ash that had been my cradle. The Miracle calls me.
Before Boss Encounter In my dreams I heard your footsteps coming closer. In my dreams I tried to talk to you, and introduce myself.

Guardian of the Miracle, and of the Miracle banner, with great pain, I carry the emblem of the Father.

I am the hands of bloodied skin, I am the eyes from which our Mother gazes.

But nothing I know of you, apart from your cold, nameless visage.

Apart from your callused and wounded hands. Apart from the mourning of your deaths.

No. I know nothing of you, only the Miracle knows.

Now, may your sword full of guilt, with mine of gold, collide.

Let them hurt and march in procession.

I curse you forever in name.

I bless you forever in death.

Before Final Encounter You have shattered the mirror in which you saw me sleep.

Now you see me awoken as the son of the True Miracle.

Relevant Item Description[]

Item Frame.pngItem Smoking Heart of Incense.png

Smoking Heart of Incense[]

The Works and Graces of the Sorrowful Miracle. First Verse

The great dry tree into which His Holiness was transformed by work and grace of the Miracle burned in a night of heavy storms. It burned for ninety days, and as it was consumed, it left an enormous pile of ashes that covered the cathedral's main ambulatory tower, leaving His Holiness' Turned Throne on the top. All those who were present, and all those who arrived and tried to climb to the summit, were swallowed by the ashes. And the cathedral fell silent.

Item Frame.pngItem Heart of Virtuous Pain.png

Heart of Virtuous Pain[]

The Works and Graces of the Sorrowful Miracle. Second Verse.

The wind blew strongly through the fractures of the cathedral that the Great Tree had originated, lifting the ash creating dense gray clouds, hiding the whole Mother Church and drowning her in a deep darkness of lead. The ground began to tremble. Then a terrible cry was heard from the depths of the mountain of ash. And that cry was joined by more and more. Guttural screams, animal roars, monsters, and one which was heard above all: the scream of an old man, which resounded gravely, as out of the throat of a giant.

Item Frame.pngItem Heart of Cerulean Incense.png

Heart of Cerulean Incense[]

The Works and Graces of the Sorrowful Miracle. Third Verse

All those who once were swallowed by the ashes emerged from it in great hordes: the Hordes of the Miracle, the Punished. With only faith in their minds and only rage in their guts. Willing to punish all those who had escaped from such a holy fate, from the will of the Miracle itself.




  • He appears in multiple cutscenes along the story, trying to contact The Penitent One.