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"Sister of mine, as I foretold to you, someone is heading towards the forbidden gate."

Esdras is a member of The Anointed Legion and the brother of Perpetva. He is a boss that The Penitent One will have to defeat if he is to cross the Bridge of the Three Calvaries in order to enter the Mother of Mothers.

There are a couple of points in the game where he will appear running after the Penitent One and speak of their upcoming encounter, referring to the boss fight.

The relevant item description has another person comment on the death of his sister and claim that it caused him such trauma that he went insane, denies her death, and talks to her as if she was still present. However, while she may be dead, she is a very active and violent ghost who has her own boss fight against you, and responds to his plea during his own boss fight to assist him. So it seems just as likely that he can still perceive her after her death, and that he is genuinely communicating with her rather than insane. He does remark at times that he cannot see her, but intermittent visibility is common with other ghosts in the game, most of which are only visible while attacking and shortly before and after attacking.

Behaviour and Tactics

Phase 1

  • Hammer Blow: Esdras swings his hammer in front of him; can be dodged and parried.
  • Hammer Charge: Esdras starts to spin while moving forward, can be dodged.
  • Knock Back: Esdras hits the ground creating a wave of energy that deals damage and pushes away the Penitent One.
  • Storm: Esdras starts to spin and crosses all the area side to side leaving a trail of lightning bolts behind him, both the spin and the lightning deal damage.

Phase 2

  • Lightning Spin: Esdras starts to spin in place throwing energy based projectiles in both directions.
  • Lightning Wall: Esdras rises his hammer and summons a lightning storm in front of him.

Phase 3

  • Perpetva: Perpetua joins the battle helping her brother.

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Achievement Icon The Brother.jpg

The Brother
Beat Esdras, of the Anointed Legion.


First Encounter Sister of mine, as I foretold to you, someone is heading towards the forbidden gate.

Someone who seeks the purge and excommunication of all that is sacred and rests there.

No... No... Do not place your doubts on me.

I am ready.

Second Encounter Indeed, sister of mine. Our encounter is approaching.

The Miracle will protect me. I do not need your protection this time.

Leave me alone.

Defeated Sister... Forgive me...

Now I will cross over to the other side of the Dream and return to your side...

Relevant Item Descriptions

Item Frame.pngItem Perpetva's Protection.png

Perpetva's Protection

"Esdras, you say?" spoke the soldier, "That madman could not bear the death of his sister. He's still talking to her as if she were there beside him. Sometimes it even seems as if they were arguing. He's long gone and hasn't been seen since."