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"The little one stopped crying as soon as we placed him in the arms of that wicker woman, as if it were his mother. Sometimes I can't help but think there's something living in that wicker. Sometimes it seems to be rocking him in the darkness."

Expósito is the boss of the Sleeping Canvases. He has the appearance of a giant, blindfolded baby held by a wicker woman and he is accompanied by a strange, human faced snake like creature with a scorpion's tail that protects him and attacks any foe that enters his chambers.

Item descriptions indicate that the wicker person holding Expósito is meant to be a surrogate mother. His supposed birth mother was burned at the stake for being a witch, and the blindfold was put on him so he would not see her burn. Before she died, she asked someone to build a wicker figure in her likeness so that her son would not miss her. When it was finished and Expósito was placed in the wicker person's arms, he stopped crying.

Behaviour and Tactics[]

Phase 1[]

  • Poison spit: The snake lets poison fall from its mouth, damaging the Penitent One if he is under its head.
  • Fireball: The snake throws a fireball that bounces on the ground.
  • Thorned disc: The boss throws a disc shaped projectile that flies in a strait line and returns to the monster.
  • Scorpion Tail Blow: The snake uses its scorpion tail to strike the Penitent One.
  • Bite: The snake lunges itself forward and deals damage on impact.
  • Looping Death: The snake flies and performs a loop while simultaneously throwing poison to the ground.
  • New Toy: The baby starts to cry and moves forward and an enclosing circle will appear around the Penitent One. If the Penitent One is within the circle when the baby reaches him, he will grab him and brutally dismember him, killing him immediately.

Phase 2[]

  • Multiple Fireballs: The snake fires three fireballs simultaneously.
  • Double Tail Blow: The Scorpion Tail Blow hits two times.

The Debla of the Lights prayer makes this fight a trivial matter. Two casts that hit both of the weak points will be enough to defeat the boss.



Achievement Icon Blind Inoccence.jpg

Blind Inoccence
Beat Exposito, Scion of Abjuration.

Relevant Item Descriptions[]

Item Frame.pngItem Wicker Knot.png

Wicker Knot[]

When she was to be taken to the campfire, the inquisitors took the baby from her arms, and she screamed, begging for the child to not see her burn. The boy, who stared at her from afar, drenched in tears, was blindfolded: the blindfold was immediately moistened. The bonfire was surrounded by people, there to see the execution. They screamed, calling her a witch and heretic. When the flames started licking the pile of firewood, she asked a kind soul to build a wicker figure in her image and size, and to place the child in its arms so the baby would not miss her. And so they did, and when the figure was built, they placed the bawling child in its arms, and the orphan immediately stopped crying. The Miracle was merciful once again.




  • The name Expósito is a term for orphan children of unknown parent in Spain.
  • Abjuration is the solemn forswearing and abandonment of a right or oath.
  • Expósito is the only enemy in the game that has an instant death attack.