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Fervour Fountain.png

Fervour is used to cast Prayers or perform special attacks. It is gained either by slaying and executing enemies, recovering a Guilt Fragment, or holding RANGED ATTACK so that The Penitent One sacrifices his own blood (one-sixth of base health) as well as 50 Tears of Atonement to add to his Fervour (one and a quarter bars worth).

The Penitent One can increase his maximum Fervour by anointing himself with the Oil of the Pilgrims, pictured to the right. Their locations are listed below.


  1. Desecrated Cistern, behind an illusory wall shortly before Mountains of the Endless Dusk.
  2. Graveyard of the Peaks, behind an illusory wall in the the top right of the area.
  3. Mother of Mothers, behind an illusory wall near the Knot of the Three Words.
  4. Library of the Negated Words, behind an illusory wall directly to the left of the first Prie Dieu in The Sleeping Canvases.
  5. Wall of the Holy Prohibitions, behind an illusory wall in a cell that requires Key of the Scribe to open.
  6. Grievance Ascends, in the room directly across from the Sanguine Fountain. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reach, Silvered Lung of Dolphos recommended.