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One of the more common foes in the world of Cvstodia, the Flagellant is a symbol of warped devotion. Having taken to the lash to purify themselves of sin, the Flagellants once sought worthiness through self debasement. Like all foes are hostile to the Penitent One, their faith has been warped; they continue to flagellate themselves, but now actively seek others to subject to the lash.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Flagellate: The Flagellant whips at the Penitent One with his scourges, doing damage if he connects. This attack can be parried with good timing. The Flagellant can occasionally swing his scourge multiple times in succession; each individual strike can potentially be parried.

The Flagellant is a relatively straightforward combatant, and somewhat deceptive by the standards of early opposition. They are not terribly fast moving and moreover, not hugely durable. They also take a while to attack, so an aggressive player can often take one down very fast just by using a combo attack. They're excellent for the player to practice their parry timing on because while their follow-through animation is fast, it's very predictable.

It's a folly to take these enemies lightly, however; in groups or when backing up other enemies, they become a threat, and an armoured variant exists later in the game whose higher toughness necessitates smart movement and good use of tactics, since these upgraded Flagellants can easily survive the abuse of a low-level combo chain.

The Flagellant is one of the earliest enemies that can be executed.


When a Flagellant is executed, the Penitent One will grab the enemy by the head before repeatedly chopping the Mea Culpa into his neck in succession. On the third strike, the Penitent One decapitates him entirely before discarding the severed head.