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The abbey at the top of the mountains is where the nuns of the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage reside. Many women want to wear the habit and complete this long and dangerous pilgrimage towards the top of the mountain. Many fail and die a terrible death; freeze, starve, or are lost forever in the subterranean mazes they venture into, believing they are designed to put their faith to the test.

Graveyard of the Peaks is part of the cold, mountainous region of Cvstodia, and can be accessed via Where Olive Trees Wither and Albero, once the elevator is activated. Faces of weeping women can be seen carved in the mountains in the background, and there are strong winds that push the Penitent One right or left. These winds can be used as an advantage when jumping.

Upon going into the entrance to the Convent, Esdras will run towards the entrance and give dialogue alluding to his future encounter with the Penitent One. He will then run away again.

Candelaria is in the cave area before the elevator down to Albero, where she sells Ember of the Holy Cremation, Calcified Eye of Erudition, and Torn Bridal Ribbon.

There is a Sanguine Fountain in the middle left section of the area and a Confessor Statue across from the elevator down to Albero. A chalice of Oil of the Pilgrims can also be found here.

There is no boss for this area.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Anklebone of Weston, the Pilgrim.png Anklebone of Weston, the Pilgrim

Inside the cave and under a hidden floor just below one of the Children of Moonlight.

Item Frame.pngItem Knot of Rosary Rope.png Knot of Rosary Rope

On a platform above the elevator down to Albero.

Item Frame.pngItem Parietal Bone of Lasser, the Inquisitor.png Parietal Bone of Lasser, the Inquisitor

At the top left of the area, guarded by two Wandering Tomb enemies and one Wakeful Alcove enemy.

Item Frame.pngItem Muted Bell.png Muted Bell

To the right from the Sanguine Fountain.

Item Frame.pngItem Occipital of Tequila, the Metalsmith.png Occipital of Tequila, the Metalsmith

On a platform on the right wall in the furthest right section of the area.

Item Frame.pngItem Empty Bile Vessel.png Empty Bile Vessel

On the platform below the previous item.

Item Frame.pngItem Tentudia's Skeletal Remains.png Tentudia's Skeletal Remains

At the top of the furthest right section of the area. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand and Three Gnarled Tongues to reach.

Item Frame.pngItem Piece of a Tombstone.png Piece of a Tombstone

One a platform on the right wall shortly before the entrance to the Convent.

Item Frame.pngItem Heart of the Unnamed Minstrel.png Heart of the Unnamed Minstrel

Behind a gate that will open when damage is inflicted. Requires the second elevator to reach.

Item Frame.pngItem Immaculate Bead.png Immaculate Bead

Right next to the confessor statue, close to the elevator shaft.