Area Grievance Ascends

Grievance Ascends is below Jondo, and the source of a phenomenon known as the Groan. This originates from the Tres Angustias, whose anguished voices are carried far above by the great bell. After defeating the boss, the Penitent One can open a passage to the Desecrated Cistern.

The area is mostly a long, vertical descent with several climbable walls and sections of toxic gas. Many of the enemies are invisible until approached.

The being Altasgracias can be found in a cave at the far left of the lowest level of the area. She is the creature that became of three sisters that did not wish to be married, so they prayed to be transformed into something hideous. It is possible that the anguish of these three sisters is symbolized in Tres Angustias.

There is a Sanguine Fountain directly across from the second Prie Dieu altar, all the way to the left.

Viridiana can also be found just before the boss fight, and will offer her assistance.

The boss for this area is Tres Angustias.




Points of Interest

Item FrameItem Knot of Rosary Rope Knot of Rosary Rope

At the bottom of the section below the first Prie Dieu Altar. Silvered Lung of Dolphos highly recommended.

Item FrameItem Silvered Lung of Dolphos Silvered Lung of Dolphos

Inside a golden coffin at the highest point of the area, through moving clouds of toxic gas.

Item FrameItem Frontal of Martinus, the Ropemaker Frontal of Martinus, the Ropemaker

At the bottom of the room with the previous item.

Item FrameItem Melted Golden Coins Melted Golden Coins

At the end of the long hallway above the boss room. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reach.

Item FrameItem Knot of Hair Knot of Hair

Found where Altasgracias sat after completing the Quest: Egg of Deformity.

Relevant Item Descriptions

"Indeed, it is the Groan. It comes from the deepest core of this place, slithering in spirals, growing with its own echo, distorting amidst the bronze embossings. The cry of three intertwined throats born of a single penance, a single mourning. Light hardly ever reaches here, only the cold, and the Groan."



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