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The Guardainfante is a giant, naked humanoid being holding the carcass of a deer. His head is covered by the skirt of a little girl dressed in spanish Renaissance clothing that sits on his head.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Deer Slam: The enemy slams the ground in front of him with the deer carcass, sending a shockwave on the floor after the impact.

The Guardainfante starts walking towards its target as soon as he is in his line of sight. When close enough, the little girl will send out a signaling shout, and the man will raise the deer carcass then slam it on the ground, sending a shockwave on the floor upon impact. Both the slam and the shockwave deal damage, so the best tactic here is to dash away from it as soon as the little girl sends out her battle cry, then jumping to avoid the shockwave if necessary. The attack can be blocked.

The best way to dispose of the Guardainfante is to jump and deliver a couple of blows while airborne and maintain as much distance possible. It is possible to hit the enemy at maximum sword range without provoking his attacks - he will just keep slowly walking forwards. Alternatively, the strategy of blocking and moving in to deliver a damage then repeating can be used.




  • The name "Guardainfante" a spanish word that refers to a type of women's undergarments derived from the farthingale, ancestor of the french panniers, that found its origins in Spanish court at the end of the 16th century and remained in use throughout the middle of the 17th century, specifically in Spain. The word can be roughly translated to "caretaker of the child", because this undergarment was accused of being used to cover up pregnancies.
  • The design for the girl on top of the giant is based on Margaret Theresa of Spain, as depicted in the painting Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez.