Blasphemous Wiki

Attack damage is increased when The Penitent One is close to death.

Acquired in the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage.


It wasn't long before he was beatified. The Miracle bestowed a gift upon that humble parish priest and confessor: the visions of all sin, future and past, of thought and deed, of every person who approached him. He did not need to hear our confessions, because he already knew them all. He knew the penance, he knew the sincerity of our repentance. He knew everything. There was no more intimacy between sins and sinners; we were all naked before him, and the Miracle. Such grace came to be feared. He asked us to cover his head with a thick burlap cloth in order to try and stop his constant visions of sin, and begged us to take him far, far away....


Increases sword attack damage when The Penitent One's health is low.

While at less than approximately 20% health, sword attacks deal approximately +30% increased damage.