Sword core, blessed with fervent prayers. Can be inserted into Mea Culpa. Increases the Tears of Atonement reaped, but prevents the use of Bile Flasks.

Acquired in Jondo.


The Legend of Mea Culpa, the Sword of Guilt

It is said that this stone statue covered with petals was once a young woman who, tormented by a deep feeling of guilt, struck her chest with the figure of Our Father, asking him to be punished. The Miracle manifested itself in the figure of the Father, emerging from her a wide and long edge, a great rooted sword, which pierced his guilty heart to later transform his body into stone. That sword was called Mea Culpa in allusion to the last words of the young woman.


Grants +10% 8.png but prevents the use of Bile Flasks. This effect can stack additively with Scaly Coin and Zambra to the Resplendent Crown for a total of +90% 8.png .

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