Sword core, which resounds with an inscrutable ringing. Can be inserted into Mea Culpa. Makes its edge vibrate, causing its attacks to destroy certain immaterial projectiles, but reducing the elemental resistances of its wielder.

Acquired in a Confessor Dungeon.

One needs to break the Statues of Confessors, then enter the portal that appears in their places with the Weight of True Guilt equipped and defeat the five waves of enemies in the Confessor Dungeon.


Watch them. Watch as they climb up the burning ash. Watch how they crawl like hungry beasts. The ash swallows them one by one, insatiable. Such is the faith that the Miracle stirs in them. It makes them climb towards the Turned Throne by promising them a communion that will, indeed, happen, but not in the way they expect. Soon, when all of them have been swallowed up, they will be reborn, filled with a faith that neither you nor I will get to comprehend.

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