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It is the darkest and deepest forest in Cvstodia. It is said that the sunlight never reaches through the leaves and branches of the enormous, ancient trees. The Congregation thinks that this place is sacred and some of them enter to try atoning for the sins they think they have committed.

Since the Age of Corruption, the forest has been inhabited by lost creatures and desperate souls that wander around with no purpose. Through its sinuous paths, sorrowful laments can be heard in the distance.

This is the first area the Penitent One encounters after the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow, and precedes Albero.

Petrous can be accessed through a secret passage by using Weight of Sin.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Verdiales of the Forsaken Hamlet.png Verdiales of the Forsaken Hamlet

Found on the ground.

Item Frame.pngItem Painted Wood Bead.png Painted Wood Bead

On a high platform. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reach.

Item Frame.pngItem Clavicle of Dalhuisen, the Schoolchild.png Clavicle of Dalhuisen, the Schoolchild

Found in a secret area under a breakable floor marked by rocks on the ground.

Item Frame.pngItem Knot of Rosary Rope.png Knot of Rosary Rope

In a silver chest in the secret area all the way to the right. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand and Nail Uprooted from Dirt to reach.




  • In pre-release updates, this area was named "Deep Woods".