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Master key forged from steel. The heat of the sword carried by the Great Inquisitor announced his arrival even through the coldest walls.

Sold by Candelaria in the Sleeping Canvases for 8.png 9999. This key gives access to the Jaw of Ashgan, the Inquisitor collectible, the Phalanx of Zeth, the Prisoner collectible, and an Empty Bile Vessel.


Luzdivina rose weakly from her chair under the attentive gaze of all present and, addressing the inquisitors, said: "The apparitions are a truth granted to my eyes by Our Lord. For what other reasons could there be behind this miraculous talent? My sin has been overlooking the merit of such a valuable gift."

The inquisitor sitting in the centre of the room answered: "What gesture could then be more pious than using your grace in benefit of the Church, Holy and Wise?" Then he got up from his throne and, hoisting a lustrous silver tray bearing precious ornaments, said: "May your fortunate eyes rest here henceforth, and a windowless chapel be their dwelling. For this is the Word of our Holy Mother Church."