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One of the most relevant religious figures to the story of The Penitent One is The Kneeling Stone. His sword, the Mea Culpa, was formed in her very chest as an act of The Miracle.

She is the woman seen and heard in the opening cinematic of the game, who continuously hits her chest with an effigy of The Twisted One while she prays for punishment to sate her guilt. The last time she pounds the effigy into her chest, it transforms into a sword that pierces her heart. This sword is the Mea Culpa, forged from the guilt in the heart of this woman.

There is not much more information given about her in game, but there is more context in the comic. The character Desamparados tells The Penitent One that the motives for her sacrifice and her name are not known, but she did know her fate should her prayers be answered. Furthermore, she indicates that to carry this sword is to carry its weight in penance.

Upon the Mea Culpa piercing the woman's heart and subsequently killing her, she was transformed into a statue surrounded by purple flowers that continuously blossom at her feet, even all these years later. She resides in a remote chapel in the woods at the time of Blasphemous: The Kneeling, awaiting for a penitent soul to claim the sword of guilt and her own.

Relevant Dialogue[]

Desamparados in Blasphemous: The Kneeling She knew the fate that would await her if the ancient plea was heard. We cannot fathom the motives behind her sacrifice, as those are only known to the will of the Sorrowful Miracle. The message is clear though. It is time for the guilty blade to find a new bearer, one who will carry its weight in penance.
Desamparados in Blasphemous: The Kneeling This chapel houses the Kneeling Stone, whose heart was piercing to fulfill her wish. We shall never know the name of this tormented soul, only the color of the petals that continue to fall at her feet.




  • The woman seems to draw from Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
  • The Mother's statue is always surrounded in purple flowers seemingly blooming from nowhere and their petals seem to always try to cover her feet.