Blasphemous Wiki

Rope knot made from the threads of habits of monks deceased in ancient times.

Extends the amount of Rosary Beads the Penitent One can equip by bringing the knots to the Jailed Ghost in the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow. To get there, the Penitent One must traverse through the Mountains of the Endless Dusk, past Jondo.


  1. Jondo, after solving the bell puzzle.
  2. Grievance Ascends, in a room filled with collapsible floors and poison gas.
  3. Given by Tirso in Albero in return for giving the last item in the Quest: Healing Herbs.
  4. Graveyard of the Peaks, accessed by jumping on top of the elevator.
  5. The Holy Line, below a breakable floor, requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand and Nail Uprooted from Dirt to reach.
  6. Given by Redento at the end of his pilgrimage in the Mother of Mothers. Equip the three toes he has gifted to move the statue. Re-enter the room after him to receive the knot.


Engracia was her name. Her rosaries were the prettiest of all Custodia. The most prestigious priests and bishops frequented her workshop, and even our very Holiness Escibrar commissioned her. Such was her mastery that a rosary crafter by old Engracia was unparalleled in beauty, delicacy and perfection. Word spread that a rosary that was not made by her would not receive divine blessing, and prayers would not be heard, and besides, that would be a sin. This caused all the others to become banned by the Holy Mother Church, and those so-called false rosaries were sought, and burned. Someone who kept a deceitful rosary would be severely punished, sometimes even accused of heresy. Then we all began to wonder what would become of the rosaried when Engracia was no longer with us.