Area Lake of Silent Pilgrims

There is a shallow lake with salt statues of pilgrims scattered as far as the eye can see. It is said that they were petrified as a punishment for their laziness, the weaker of the parade. Their bodies started turning into salt from the legs up to their heads in a profound agony and terror, something one can still tell from the pose they remain in today. Some of them say that if you get close enough, you can hear a lament of pain coming from the inside of each one of them.

The Lake of the Silent Pilgrims can be accessed via the fountain next to the Prie Dieu altar in Albero. At the far end to the right, there is a large, salt statue of a saint who tells the player to bring him items so he may bless them. He transforms certain items into relics, and is required for the Egg of Deformity quest. These relics allow the player to gain access to areas that could not be reached before. This area can only be accessed after obtaining at least one item that can be traded for a Relic.



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