"Oh Saeta, where once its piercing song shattered the mirrors and trinkets in my tomb, let its wail now grant light. Saeta, awakener of the desolate, ignite these five lifeless eyes!"

The Amanecidas of the Miracle are both guardians and a set of bosses summoned by Jibrael. Every Amanecida bested will provide their weapon to the matching statue in Hall of the Dawning. The bosses are similar in appearance, although each has a different arena and different quirk about them.

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See Jibrael on how to summon them and start the quest to best them to begin with.

To be able to challenge Laudes, the First of the Amanecidas, the other Amanecidas must be first beaten:

When Laudes is beaten, the Penitent One can keep going left and jump down without the Linen of Golden Thread to gain a new heart, the Brilliant Heart of Dawn.


Laudes' Amanecida form has five faces, confirmed by her statement "... los ojos de mis cinco muertos rostros" (lit. "... the eyes of my five dead faces") in original Spanish version. A mistranslation "... these five lifeless eyes" incorrectly implies that her Amanecida form has four faces.

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