Blasphemous Wiki

A useless rag that seems to slightly vibrate at times, emitting an unintelligible buzz. The Affliction sometimes leaves its mark on mundane-looking objects, unable to reveal the miracle under its mantle of corruption.

Given by Tirso in Albero in return of Bouquet of Rosemary.

Can be given to the statue in the Lake of Silent Pilgrims in return of the Shroud of Dreamt Sins Relic.

After completing two humilliations, if you haven’t given any items to Tirso you can find it in the graveyard of Albero, just to the left of Wasteland of the Bured Churches (the same place where you can find the Phalanx of Brannon).


Febrile as he was, he hardly noticed that someone had sat down next to him. A gentle hand patted a white cloth on his forehead; it was a fabric of the utmost softness, which allowed light through it as if it were a sheet of paper, and was soaking his feverish sweats and providing such relief that he could not help but fall asleep. When the cloth was soaked, the nun got up and handed it to the Mother Superior, adding: "With this, we will be able to have his confession."