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Product of a spinning wheel that only turned on full moon nights, this thin thread was plaited to immortalise its progeny. Bestowed as a gift by the first-born, it allows The Penitent One to descend into bottomless abysses.

Given by Jocinero in the painting of the bull and the moon in the Sleeping Canvases after rescuing at least 20 Children of Moonlight.

Allows the Penitent One to drop into pits without dying. See list below.


Members of The Mother came and took the painting away as soon as I told them it was finished. They didn't say a word, they just covered it up and carried it away. I have been painting for The Mother all my life, recreating moments of the lives of the saints, but for this last canvas... it was as if they didn't want anyone laying eyes on it; they did not even let me, its creator, see it on display, if they ever came to display it. It was the last commission they requested from me.


Allows the Penitent One to reach the following:

  1. Library of the Negated Words, drop under the elevator shaft connecting to The Sleeping Canvases to reach Nasal bone of Charles, the Artist.
  2. Archcathedral Rooftops, 3rd floor, drop under the Prie Dieu and go left to reach Cante Jondo of the Three Sisters. Also requires Three Gnarled Tongues.
  3. Desecrated Cistern, drop down the long elevator shaft connecting to Grievance Ascends, keep to the right side, to reach Navicular of Kahnnyhoo, the Murderer.
  4. Mountains of the Endless Dusk, drop down when coming from Desecrated Cistern to reach the Child of Moonlight down in Grievance Ascends.

Location of Platforms[]