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Design of Mea Culpa from the official art book.

The Mea Culpa is the sword used by the Penitent One, and it is the main weapon in the game. It is adorned with an effigy of the Twisted One on its handle and thorns that follow the edges of the blade. After meeting Deogracias for the first time, another thorn is added to the handle with the purpose of harming the user to feed on his blood and guilt. This thorn will continue to grow until it reaches its final form, the Cvstodia of Sin, if all of the Confessor Dungeons are completed.

Mea Culpa was created by the Miracle in response to the prayers of the woman who became the Kneeling Stone, as described by item descriptions and the comic. Desamparados describes it as "The Sword of the Father" and the "guilty blade". Item descriptions also indicate that the thorns are arisen from the Miracle and feed on the sin and guilt of its bearer.

It's possible that it was destined to be used to defeat His Holiness Escribar or put an end to the effects of the Miracle, as evidenced by the fact that Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony guards the entrance to Escribar's chambers and her dialogue both in the comic and before her boss fight.

Visit Mea Culpa Altars to increase the power of the Penitent One's sword. Visiting additional Altars allows access to further Abilities in return for Tears of Atonement. For the list of abilities, see here.


Achievement Icon Blood and Tears.jpg

Blood and Tears
Buy all skills from the Mea Culpa shrines.

Achievement Icon Mea Culpa.jpg

Mea Culpa
Achieve the maximum level of the Mea Culpa sword.

Shrine Locations[]

Tutorial Mea Culpa Shrines.png
  1. Albero, in the house of the Wound Kissers in the basement.
  2. Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage, after defeating Our Lady of the Charred Visage.
  3. Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow, when approached from the side of the Mountains of the Endless Dusk.
  4. Mother of Mothers, before the Melquiades fight, at the top of a tall room.
  5. Library of the Negated Words, after the Exposito fight in The Sleeping Canvases
  6. Archcathedral Rooftops, 3rd floor, on the right
  7. Chalice of Inverted Verses challenge, started in the Desecrated Cistern, on the left in the elevator shaft. Requires Linen of Golden Thread to reach:
Quest: Chalice of the Inverted Verses
The Chalice is found in Desecrated Cistern in a room with depictions of three enemies. Requires Nail Uprooted from Dirt and Three Gnarled Tongues to reach. Completing this challenge unlocks the room with the seventh, last upgrade for Mea Culpa.
To unlock the room, one of each of the following creatures depicted in the room have to be killed. Every time one of the necessary creatures is slain, the message "Chalice of Inverted Verses has been partially filled" will appear. Once all three are slain, the message will change to say the Chalice has been completely filled. When that happens, the player must return to the Chalice room and reinstate the Chalice in the statue there. Note that once the first enemy is killed, and for the duration of the quest, if the player dies, uses a Gate of Travel, or teleports using the Prie Dieu upgrade, the Chalice will be emptied, and all three enemies will have to be killed again.
Depiction Lionheart.png
Lionheart, in the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions
Depiction Phalaris.png
Phalaris, in the Mountains of the Endless Dusk or Echoes of Salt
Depiction Sleepless Tomb.png
Sleepless Tomb in the Sleeping Canvases (Note that it only spawns when the room is entered from the left side.)
A good way to easily complete the quest is to start this quest after unlocking the shortcut between the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage and the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions. Start by slaying the Sleepless Tomb near the Prie Dieu located at the start of The Sleeping Canvases (near the Library of the Negated Words). Continue to progress through the Library of the Negated Words, Mother of Mothers, and Archcathedral Rooftops to kill the Lionheart found in the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions. Then, take the shortcut to the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage, use the lift in the Graveyard of the Peaks, and go to the Mountains of the Endless Dusk to kill a Phalaris. Finally, use the lift in the Desecrated Cistern to return to the Chalice room and complete the quest. With this approach, the platforming puzzle with spikes and blades is faced early, so should the Penitent One die, it is easy to start over.


Location Gallery[]

Relevant Item Descriptions[]

Item Frame.pngItem Heart of the Holy Purge.png

Heart of the Holy Purge[]

The Legend of Mea Culpa, the Sword of Guilt

It is said that this stone statue covered with petals was once a young womam who, tormented by a deep feeling of guilt, struck her chest with the figure of Our Father, asking him to be punished. The Miracle manifested itself in the figure of the Father, emerging from her a wide and long edge, a great rooted sword, which pierced his guilty heart to later transform his body into stone. That sword was called Mea Culpa in allusion to the last words of the young woman.

Relevant Dialogue[]

Desamparados in Blasphemous: The Kneeling The Sword of the Father is born again. It has been forged from the guilt of the blessed soul which claimed it.


  • Mea Culpa translates from Latin as "My fault/guilt" (nominative) or "Through my fault" (ablative).
  • Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony refers to Mea Culpa as the "guilty sword" and that "using it is a crime against the Mother".