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Mercy Dreams appears to be an old prison, with cells, chains, and crumbling walls throughout the area. Puddles of blood on the ground mark where spears rise up and strike periodically, and there are contraptions that summon green orbs that deal magic damage if they hit the Penitent One. There are multiple different paths to Mercy Dreams, including Wasteland of the Buried Churches, Desecrated Cistern, and The Sleeping Canvases.

The merchant Candelaria can be found here, in the hall that connects Mercy Dreams and Desecrated Cistern. She is selling Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother, Hollow Pearl, and Moss Preserved in Glass. the Penitent One will likely also encounter Viridiana for the first time here, who offers her assistance with the Ten Piedad boss fight.

There is a Confessor Statue and Chapel of Travel in this area.

The boss for this area is Ten Piedad. Defeating him is one of the three Humiliations required for opening the sacred bronze door that leads to the Mother of Mothers.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Maxilla of Tarradax, the Cleric.png Maxilla of Tarradax, the Cleric

Behind an illusory wall in the room opposite from the first Prie Dieu altar.

Item Frame.pngItem Seguiriya to your Eyes like Stars.png Seguiriya to your Eyes like Stars

From the first Prie Dieu altar, go through the second doorway on the right. Go all the way to the right, down the ladder, and to the right. It is inside a golden coffin. The room will lock and multiple Wraith enemies will appear. Defeating them all unlocks the door.

Item Frame.pngItem Small Bead of Red Wax.png Small Bead of Red Wax

Behind an illusory wall opposite the second door down and on the right from the Prie Dieu altar.

Item Frame.pngItem Cervical Vertebra of Zicher, the Brewmaster.png Cervical Vertebra of Zicher, the Brewmaster

To the left from the room with the golden coffin and on a wooden platform attached to the right wall.

Item Frame.pngItem Kneecap of Sebastien, the Puppeteer.png Kneecap of Sebastien, the Puppeteer

Must be accessed via passage from The Sleeping Canvases.

Item Frame.pngItem Empty Bile Vessel.png Empty Bile Vessel

From the second Prie Dieu altar, climb the ladder up the stairs to the left. Go left and climb the ladder down. Continue going left and defeat the enemies locked in the room to make the gates open so the item can be reached.

Item Frame.pngItem Pisiform of Hernandez, the Explorer.png Pisiform of Hernandez, the Explorer

To the right and down a level from the second Prie Dieu altar, in the room to the left with magic orbs floating forward.