Sword core, dry and slightly porous to the touch. It causes Mea Culpa to throb thirstily after every kill, transferring life force to its wearer, but reducing the amount of health recovered by Bile Vessels.

Acquired in the Sleeping Canvases, reward for solving the puzzle of the candles. After having acquired the big versions of both the Bead of Red Wax and Bead of Blue Wax, equip them and hold RANGED ATTACK to perform Blood Penitence, and the door will open.


"The master metalsmith, never ceasing to emboss the silver, asked, casually:
"If I may ask, from whom would the blessed blood that will be perpetuated in this brooch be?"
The priest replied:
"It will be from someone who is to die soon, betrayed by his own, condemned by the very authorities he obeyed."
The master stopped, and raised his sights:
"It is you, is it not?"


Killing an enemy now recovers a small amount of The Penitent One's health but also reduces the amount of health recovered using Bile Flasks.

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