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Mountains of the Endless Dusk is one of the mountainous regions of Cvstodia, whose valley is home to the great bell Jondo. It is constantly enshrouded in dusk, hence its name. The Penitent One will first access this area via the Desecrated Cistern, and crossing the valley leads to a new area within the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow.

There are many sensitive platforms that will shake upon contact and collapse a few seconds later, then reform a few seconds afterwards. Just before the Penitent One descends into Jondo, there is an area with five bodies burning at the stake and a tree in the middle, an endless fire burning within its hollowed out trunk. This is the Tree of Offering that the Penitent One can place the Egg of Deformity in for the Egg of Deformity quest.

There is a mini-boss in this area, Perpetva, who will appear at the Tree of Offering the first time the Penitent One reaches it.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Little Toe Made of Limestone.png Little Toe Made of Limestone

Given by Redento once the moving platforms to cross are unlocked.

Item Frame.pngItem Metacarpus of Hodges, the Blacksmith.png Metacarpus of Hodges, the Blacksmith

Near the entrance to the Desecrated Cistern.

Item Frame.pngItem Perpetva's Protection.png Perpetva's Protection

At the Tree of Offering after Perpetva is defeated.