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Incorrupt remains of the Great Pilgrim, founder of the order and comfort to his followers. His feet never stopped, always taking him forward in his mysterious wandering through Cvstodia. The bearer of this relic receives his determination, and walks effortlessly through swamps and muddy marshlands.

Located in the far northeastern portion of Mother of Mothers, in a secret room behind the limestone statue next to the pilgrim, Redento. The statue will move to reveal the entrance when all limestone beads, Fourth Toe Made of Limestone, Little Toe Made of Limestone, and Big Toe Made of Limestone are equipped.


"... And that fingernail was the one that Martyr Nicanor ripped from himself when he was buried alive between spasms of pain after a cruel torture in front of his followers who cried in silence. The fingernail barely visible among the removed dirt was picked up by the last follower, who was lamenting such a horrid event when all the others left and whose name is unknown. he wrapped it using a piece of cloth torn from his own clothes, and that same night, he went to the church whose congregation was the same one that had denounced Nicanor as a heretic, hid the fingernail among its inner bricks, and left..."