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"That madman could not bear the death of his sister. He's still talking to her as if she were there beside him. Sometimes it even seems as if they were arguing. He's long gone and hasn't been seen since."

Perpetva is the founder of the Anointed Legion and sister of Esdras. She wears the Legion's traditional armor with red ribbons and wields a massive sword also covered in ribbons, but her most prominent feature is her four red wings.

She is encountered for the first time in the Mountains of the Endless Dusk, in the area after the Prie Dieu of the map, coming from the Desecrated Cistern.

If she is defeated at the Mountains of the Endless Dusk, she will disappear and the Penitent One can acquire the rosary bead, Perpetva's Protection. She later reappears during the fight with Esdras, towards the end of the fight. If she was not defeated at the first encounter, Perpetva's Protection will appear next to the tree where the original fight took place after Esdras is defeated.

Behaviour and Tactics

First Encounter

  • Lightning Strike: On your first encounter, Perpetva will summon lightning to strike the Penitent One. This attack is made with a telegraphed particle effect. The lightning will strike several times, and has poor tracking.
  • Quick Lightning Strike: On your first encounter, Perpetva will cast a quick strike of lightning, usually it's too fast to avoid with a slide. Causes moderate damage, lethal if your health is low.
  • Lance Charge: After taking some damage or if enough time has passed, Perpetva will come down and line her height with the player, then charge with her sword. This is a very slow and telegraphed attack.

When fought for the first time, Perpetva will come out of a tree struck by lightning, surrounded by people burning at stakes in the Mountains of Endless Dusk.

Seguiriya to your Eyes like Stars, the Prayer that increases attack speed is especially useful for the fight. Try to end the fight quickly and be aggressive, but dodge the incoming lightning strikes. They are foreshadowed by electric particle effects. Her Lightning Strike has poor tracking and is fairly slow. Jump attacks are very effective against her.

She is open for attacks for an extended period after she has completed her charge attack.


Achievement Icon The Sister.jpg

The Sister
Beat Perpetva.


Perpetva in The Resting Place of the Sister Penitent One, you stand before the tomb below which my name, Perpetva, rests. And with it, a body vanquished a long time ago.

Although we were already introduced through the wounds of our confrontation, the audacity of your faith now gives us the chance to meet once again.

A meeting behind the back of a Miracle that ends up knowing all.

The wounds of our first confrontation healed long ago.

Even then I could see how unyielding you were in your purpose and that nothing would cause you to waver.

Such is your strength that my brother Esdras, convinced that you will commit crimes against the Church, has asked for my blessing to prevent you accessing such a sacred place.

Penitent One, I have seen a different path for you, whose ultimate destination is neither the forbidden nor the sacred places kept behind the high walls of Mother Church.

Rise above all that, above even the halls of the Dream.

This voice of mine is limited, it cannot disperse all the invisible mists that tangle up the truth and mislead us.

You must meet with my brother. He will be waiting for you on the bridge that leads to the Door of the Holy Visages.

Take this scapular, whose sheen will tell him you have my blessing, and before which he will surely fall to his knees. As he loves me, deeply.

At that moment, my soft whisper will reach his ears, beseeching him to assist you.

Go fearlessly, Penitent One.

Relevant Item Descriptions

Item Frame.pngItem Perpetva's Protection.png

Perpetva's Protection

"Esdras, you say?" spoke the soldier, "That madman could not bear the death of his sister. He's still talking to her as if she were there beside him. Sometimes it even seems as if they were arguing. He's long gone and hasn't been seen since."




  • According to the title of her official speedpaint published in 2017, Perpetva's last name is "Eclessiae", meaning that this is Esdras' one as well.