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"Prithee taketh nay affront in my not looking at thy visage, for we at each moment lean forth, so as not to divert our eyes from the path. Such is our olde precept."

Redento is a Genuflecting Pilgrim, appearing leaning forward with his hands tied behind his back and an object around his neck, weighing his head down. His feet are also tied together by a length of rope. He mentions that he is on pilgrimage and each time he is interacted with, he will complain of an obstacle in his way.

He is first seen in Mountains of the Endless Dusk, just before the descent into Jondo. He wishes to cross the valley but cannot as the moving platforms must be activated first. After activating these moving platforms and speaking to him again, he will gift the Fourth Toe Made of Limestone.

The next location he is found in is the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow, after entering from the Mountains of The Endless Dusk. He complains about a wall blocking the way. Inside the door next to him is a challenge room, and going through it will lead to the other side of the wall so it can be broken, thus Redento can pass through.

He can be found again in Wasteland of the Buried Churches, in the last outdoor section before the Bridge of the Three Calvaries. He is standing in front of a section of spikes and will not be able to pass unless the tree on the other side of the spikes is felled. He will gift the Little Toe Made of Limestone when talking to him after the tree has been felled.

Afterwards, he can be found at the Patio of the Silent Steps before the entrance to the Mother of Mothers. An Amargura blocks his way, and he will gift the Big Toe Made of Limestone after killing the enemy and speaking with him again. He can also interact with Cleofas depending on how his quest line is played.

Lastly, he can be found in the Mother of Mothers, in the room on far right with statue of the First Pilgrim. His dialogue indicates that this is not his final destination once the statue is moved. To move the statue, equip all three toes Redento has given and the secret room will be revealed. Inside the room will be the Nail Uprooted from Dirt relic. Upon exiting the room, he will be gone. Enter the room again to find Redeno's dead body and a Knot of Rosary Rope.

Achievement Icon Crossing Souls.jpg

Crossing Souls
Provoke the meeting between Redento and Cleofás.

Achievement Icon Ultreia Et Suseia.jpg

Ultreia Et Suseia
Help the Pilgrim reach his final destination.





First Encounter O Penitent One! We traverse strange roads under the same firmament. With nay other trade, nay other name. My name is Redento, barefoot pilgrim of the Order of Genuflectors. Prithee taketh nay affront in my not looking at thy visage, for we at each moment lean forth, so as not to divert our eyes from the path. Such is our olde precept.

We are before Jondo, the great buried bell, erected upside down so that its ringing would make the earth tremble and reach distant lands. Now Jondo resoundeth in a deep triune moan, that traveleth in echoes through its broad spiralling circles.
My feet wish to cross to the other side of this ancient valley to move onto the next destination. Oh, my sins! Who could help me?

Talking Again I halt here to look for a crossing to the other side, so as to continue my penance in wandering. Ah! Don't let it be a disturbance to thee, Penitent in Guilt, for my feet will find their long-awaited walking.

Penitent One, may thy trades silence neither thy spirit nor thy frame.

Greeting Penitent One, may thy trades silence neither thy spirit nor thy frame.
After Activating Mechanism Oh! Thou art the answer to my prayers! The Order thanketh thee for thine aid.

It is of little use for me to remain here. Go with the Father, oh Penitent One.

At the Brotherhood Bitter moments reunite us again, Penitent One.

An insurmountable wall seemeth to interpose itself between our feet and our holy destinations.

Will there ever be a blessing that saveth us from this sorrow?

After Breaking the Wall I am not worthy of thine infinite compassion. Blessed are those of us who find it.

I will pray for thee and thank the Master for this holy encounter.

Now my feet are marching towards Holy Prohibitions. How can a simple pilgrim advance through such fortification?

Oh, Fraternal Father! Oh, master of pilgrims! How arduous are your upcoming trials?

At the Wasteland On the path lies the solace and the life. Prithee heed my prayers, Oh Lord of the bare feet!

Oh! Forgive me, Penitent One... Without my knowing, amidst prayers, our roads and faults become intertwined once more.

What can I do to avoid the difficulties that the Miracle layeth in front of my bare feet?

After Allowing Him Passage Oh Penitent One! Is it true that the roads are free?

Wondrous vision thou allowest me to behold. Blessed be our encounter.

At the Patio Penitent One, heed my confession... Cowardice taketh root inside of me in the face of this new test by the Grievous Miracle.

Who are we pilgrims, if not sinners who have chosen wandering as the gentlest of penances?

Oh! Let my bent back cover my tears.

After Clearing the Path Those screams filled my soul with fright...

Thou hast purged my fears and helped this poor pilgrim again.

We have chosen different roads, but still, absolution awaits at the end of the path for thee and this sinner. Wherever it is, near or far, in this life or on the other side of the Dream.

Merciful be the heart, Penitent One.

At the Genuflector Statue Thou art before the First Pilgrim. The first of the Barefoot Rule, Master of all errant sinners.

This old limestone statue was erected where the pilgrimage of the master ended, where he took his last step.

It was then that the Miracle carried him in its arms so he could continue his path on the road of the old processions.

Barefoot Master, what else dost thou want from me?

After Opening the Statue The Master showeth us the continuation of the path. New steps await us under the cold stone.

Barefoot Master, wait for me...

After He Enters Oh, sins of mine...




  • Redento is a name of Latin origin that means "rescued by faith".
  • Redento's role in the game, as a character repeatedly encountered being stymied by some physical obstacle that is then overcome by the player, and allowing him to continue on his journey, is partially inspired by the character Siegmeyer of Catarina from the original Dark Souls.