Blasphemous Wiki

Disturbing golden disc, covered by the dry moult of a reptile. The bas-relief of a claw was considered a symbol of greed, and increases the number of Tears of Atonement harvested with each attack.

Found after finishing the sixth portal.

One needs to break the Statues of Confessors, then enter the portal that appears in their places with the Weight of True Guilt equipped and defeat the five waves of enemies in the Confessor Dungeon.


Look at this page, at the drawings it contains... A horse reading the Holy Scriptures, monkeys dressed as bishops, and a reptile being worshipped by a crowd. Do you hear those murmurs? It is the brothers, warning us of the danger of these pages. We must leave this book in its place.


Grants +50% 8.png . This effect can stack additively with Zambra to the Resplendent Crown and Heart of the Holy Purge for a total of +90% 8.png .