Blasphemous Wiki

A severed hand that tightly grasps a broken bell, sometimes afflicted by slight spasms. The Affliction sometimes leaves its mark on mundane-looking objects, unable to reveal the miracle under its mantle of corruption.

Found in the Desecrated Cistern, right before the door to the fountain, slide under the floor on the opposite side below where the corpse is. Requires Nail Uprooted from Dirt to reach.

Can be given to the statue in the Lake of Silent Pilgrims, accessed through the fountain in Albero, in return of the Incorrupt Hand of the Fraternal Master Relic.


"... As soon as the atrocious earth tremor was heard, they knew something dreadful had happened. They searched for their master in the deepest parts of the cave, where they were met with a gigantic dust cloud that extended far beyond their eyes, and even though they called the name of their master, there were no answers. Days went by until the cloud cleared and they could face the devastating consequences of the landslide, feeling hopeless, but suddenly, amidst their tears, they heard a faraway sound..."